Generation to Generation April 18, 2015 20:39

Today I ran a beginners workshop at East Coast Leather with an amazing group of people from
the ages of 7 and up who were so enthusiastic about learning one of the world's oldest artisans crafts.

Leather is one of mankind's oldest natural resources; a gift from Mother Nature, without which our ancestors 
would not have survived. The knowledge, techniques and methods of crafting leather have been passed down from
generation to generation since the beginning of time, and I believe it is so important to continue that. 

If you are interested in learning more about leather and leathercrafting, and live in the Brisbane region, I encourage you
to contact Tracy from East Coast Leather on 07 3206 4667 for more information about these workshops.

Alternatively, click here for more of my upcoming leathercraft workshops.

I promise you, the possibilities of what you can do and achieve with leather will blow your mind!
- Cherryl x