Hat Academy Online Tutorial D13 "Fantasy Leather Flowers" -Leather for Lesson

$75.00 AUD

My specially developed vegetable-tanned flower leather is the only leather to use if you want to achieve the vibrant colours your leather flowers deserve. See the difference, here.

This listing is the right amount of leather you will need in my Hat Academy Lesson D13 - Fantasy Leather Flowers online tutorial, and contains one piece of leather.

Each piece has been cut by hand to no less than 750 mm x 300 mm to maximise cutting yield and eliminate waste (being a natural product, dimensions are approximate). 

One piece makes around 4 - 5 leather flowers, complete with buds and leaves depending on the size of the flower - that's only $11 per flower!

To colour and tint your leather flowers, I recommend the Australian made Cobblestone leather dyes available from East Coast Leather or Fiebings Leather Dye, available from most leather suppliers worldwide.

Access the online tutorial here:

 D13 - Fantasy Leather Flowers by Cherryl McIntyre | Hat Academy