Deluxe Course Kit - Leather Tools & Materials Only- To Compliment the Online Deluxe Tutorial from the Hat Academy Website

$350.00 AUD

Each kit includes:

1 x Foam pad
1 x My special flower tool
1 x Silver pen
4 x Flower Leather (750mm x 300mm)

No heat tools are required!


This Deluxe Course Kit has the tools and equipment you need for my complete Leather Flowers Deluxe Course. It includes four pieces of Flower Leather and my own special flower tool. 

To make your leather flowers even more beautiful, I recommend the Australian made Cobblestone range of leather dyes available at East Coast Leather or Fiebings Leather Dye, available from most leather suppliers worldwide.

Find out more about the difference between colouring standard vegetable-tanned leather, and my Flower Leather here.

NOTE:  This listing is for the above tools and equipment only, and does not include my online tutorials which are available on The Hat Academy.


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